Baby Book

All of our babies are special.  Here are just a few that we custom made to help you get inspired to add color to your kink!

The Mad Monkey

Rubber Singletail

5pc I wanna be a unicorn

Natural rabbit flogger


Custom Finger whip

Rock & Marble Thumper custom set

Latex Flogger set

Finger flogger set

I wanna be a Unicorn Set

Willy Wand

Rock Thumper

People Beater

Unicorn Tail Flogger

Latex flogger


Finger Flogger Set

White rubber princes flogger

Pocket Thumper

2nd gear flogger

Small Rubber Flogger

White on White princess rubber flogger

Knuckle knuts & marble thumper

Bamboo Canes4r52475ycesf21

Bamboo Canes

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