Welcome to the Fat Unicorn!

Why and how the name?

     When we started this new journey in our lives, hubby and I were so excited like most people. Wanting to try our all the new and exciting lifestyles we were being exposed to.  But then we saw the price tags.  My heart was broken.  How could we do this new life when everything was so expensive and unattainable?  It was hard enough to just FIND vendors, much less buy from them...and then there was the lack of colors.  

     As an art major, color has always been a fun add to my life and not having a choice of colors in the BDSM world hurt!  I didn't understand why the world of BDSM had to be so bla when it was such an amazing experience.  

     So, enter us. Being an art major has always been a plus for me in my life.  I have always been good at thinking outside the box and seeing things in new ways.  Knots have always been in my wheelhouse so it just made sense to use my resources wisely.  Use the textures, colors and even creative materials to make our own toys. When we looked at the toy makers, they all had one thing in common.  Leather.  We made the concious decision to NOT use leather.  Leather toys were already done.  Why add more to the market when there are some amazing vendors who have homed their craft and know what they are doing? Why not bust the box open and do our own thing?  

     After we made toys for ourselves we had a few people who liked what we were doing and wanted to buy from us   - how exciting!   Then we needed to have a name.  It really all just started with that shirt - you know the one..'Save the Chubby Unicorns' with the Rhino...in sharing that I actually miss spoke and said FAT in chubby - it made me laugh even harder.  I think because it was so NOT politically correct.  Part of BDSM is never correct in the Vanilla world.  Color is not correct. Having a kink is not correct. And beside who wouldn't want to go in a store call the Fat Unicorn?  Just to see what it was.  

     THE FAT UNICORN was born.